How Quantum Works


Quantum for Academia

Measure student performance and validate competency with Quantum, the first and only instructor-mediated, performance assessment that has the capability to estimate and adjust for instructor and item variations to produce fair and objective student test scores. Quantum is comprised of several standardized clinical scenarios for use in the simulation laboratory that each student must successfully complete in order to demonstrate competence in key areas. Quantum incorporates educational learning and critical thinking theories, and measures all domains of learning. Psychometrically sound, customizable, legally defensible, touch-screen Tablet technology. Includes instructor and student scheduling, communicating, and reporting.

Quantum for Hospitals

For hospitals, Quantum operates in the HR vertical. Quantum, an instructor-mediated, performance assessment used in a simulation laboratory to assist instructors to objectively measure a learner’s performance and document his or her clinical competency. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) noted that healthcare organizations have historically relied on education and experience to support competence, but an increasing number of healthcare organizations are seeking objective measures of a nurse’s knowledge that is required for safe practice. Whether it is to drive an educational intervention to improve safe practice or safely decrease the length of orientation for new employees using simulation for teaching and learning reflects a presumption that learning is taking place and the teaching is effective. How do you know if you don’t measure it objectively?

Core Features

Quantum uses a simple, straight-forward approach to the customer experience, integrating web site and tablet, with following steps:

  • AdminIT – Select the clinical scenario, instructor and participant
  • PlanIT – Create the test administration schedule and communicate to all involved
  • RateIT – Grab your tablet! It’s time time to rate the participants performance in the Sim Lab
  • DebriefIT – Review definitive feedback on the participant’s performance, a crucial part of the debrief process
  • ScoreIT – Access definitive feedback and customized remediation allows learners to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and shows them how to improve where weak or build upon what they do best



  • Organization licenses Quantum
  • Administration and instructors create login accounts
  • Lead instructor and simulation lab manager provide basic information to generate and approve test administration schedule
  • Lead instructor drafts and transmits notification to all participants to create their account
  • Participants create their accounts and select test administration date based upon the test administration schedule
  • Participants obtains test administration receipt via confirmation text or email


  • Participant verifies their identity with a picture, signature, and voice pattern
  • Participant prepares for performance assessment using an in-app summary
  • Instructors assess the learner’s competence
  • Participant completes the attitudinal survey



Prepare Scenario

  • Admins prepare Scenario and Criteria for evaluation
  • Admins assign participants and instructors to the evaluation
  • Admins set availability schedule for the assessment
  • Notify participants and instructors of the upcoming assessment


Accelerated, Verifiable Testing

  • An instructor uses a single iPad or Android tablet to validate a participants performance, that simple!
  • Quantum provides paperless testing on any iOS or Android tablet device
  • Quantum provides a stress free solution to evaluations


Legally Defensible Results