Why use a Performance Assessment tool?

While you can manage what you DO measure, you simply can’t improve what you DON’T.

Are you certain your performance assessment is giving you valid and reliable data?

Quantum is the ONLY tool that delivers both!

Now you can interpret test scores with certainty and confidence!

What is Quantum and how does it work?

Quantum is a tablet-based system that quantitatively measures performance in simulation using an instructor-mediated assessment, to measure a participant’s integrated knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and then provides detailed score reporting and customized remediation! Quantum can evaluate an instructors level of severity. Quantum features an exceptional administrative scheduling, mass communication tools, and robust reporting.

What can Quantum be applied to?

Well… almost anything! If a performance can be observed against a known standard, Quantum can measure it!

These are just a few of the many purposes Quantum serves:

  • Hospitals: Operates in the HR and Risk Management vertical to validate clinical competency
  • Education: Measures student performance in school sim labs
  • Sports: Assists coaches with measuring player/athlete intelligence of recruits or current players
  • Officiating: Assists sports league administrators to improve consistency in referees

Core Features

Here are the tools used in Quantum to create, plan, score, review and report the performance measurement.

  • AdminIT – Select scenarios, reviewers and attendees.
  • PlanIT – Schedules scenario/assessment performance.
  • RateIT – It’s time to perform… grab your tablet!
  • DebriefIT – Immediate review of the performance.
  • ScoreIT – Review the scores received from Quantum.

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